AIM is a private airline company located in Israel, offering business flights to various destinations. With us you can travel at any time to any place, without waiting long hours at airports. The flight will be directly to the destination and will depart always on time.


We understand that time is money. Specially  in era which most businesses are international, our company offers private flight services with maximum flexibility , without losing time waiting for commercial flights or waiting in long check-in lines . Your flight will depart when you want, make it possible to reschedule the flight based on a change in your schedule.


With Private flight you are not required to be subject to the restricted commercial flight schedule of the airlines, no connection flights, and no check-in lines. Private flight with AIM will allow you to focus on what really matters.


Private flights can be used for business, air taxi, a family trip or any other purpose. Private jet will take you directly to the destination, at the time you want, without delays and the with highest safety level.


We understand the special needs of private business flights, so we provide short notice flights, reliably, discreetly and high service level.

AIM Aviation located in Herzliya Airport (Israel) able to operate flights from all airports in the country, including all international airports – Ben-Gurion, Sde Dov , Haifa and Eilat.


1. Business jet – GULFSTREAM ASTRA containing 2 +7 seats. Maximum altitude flight  45,000 feet,  7 hour flight range – covering all of Europe without intermediate landings .


2 . Turboprop – PARTENAVIA There are 6 + 2 seats. Maximum altitude of 14,000 feet.  Flight range up to 5 hours covering all the Eastern Mediterranean Region.


3. Piston -engine aircraft – C- 421 Golden Eagle – 2 +6 seats, maximum altitude 30,000 feet . Flight range of up to 5 hours – covers the Eastern Mediterranean area , and is particularly suitable for “Air Taxi” flights to north of Israel and to Eilat .

4. One engine – PA-18-150 Piper SuperCub short transfer to flights within Israel, and for special work such as aerial photograph, monitoring and supervision. Flight ranges of up to four hours.


The Company pilots are commercial licensed with experience of thousands of flight hours , including international routes . All pilots licensed and meet all the criteria required by the Civil Aviation Authority


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